MONTREAL, JUNE 7TH, 2018 – Louis Pratt, Techniglobe Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer, whose head office is based in Montreal, is proud to announce the merger of his application development company with Services TI Softunik, an IT services and web application development company. In addition to offering application development services, this new entity, which retains the name of Techniglobe Solutions, offers customized cloud-based solutions to its clients, to optimize their productivity and improve their process and data management.

“The combination of our expertise and the trust relationship we have developed in the last 4 years of collaboration, along with the creation of our ERP, Glow in the cloud, explains the merger of our businesses. Together, we enhance our service offerings and position Techniglobe Solutions to become a leader in innovative cloud-based solutions and in artificial intelligence, to better meet the growing needs of our customers,” asserts Louis Pratt.

Louis Pratt will remain Techniglobe Solutions’ president and CEO. He will be accompanied by Louis Nault, who will take on the Technology Director role. Techniglobe and Techniglobe Solutions, its subsidiary, currently have over 125 employees.

“After 9 years of existence, Services TI Softunik was seeking new projects. Integrating an application development team offers a growth potential and greater creativity by combining our skills. This new synergy will provide access to a deeper expertise and expand the service offerings”, states Louis Nault, president of Services TI Softunik.

Louis Pratt has already left his mark in the software development and IT consulting industries in Quebec. He has managed multiple businesses in the industry, including Groupe conseil OSI, which he turned into the fourth largest IT service firm in Quebec.